June 3, 2021


I admit it feels a little strange to add a donation link but I’m doing it anyway (at the bottom of this page). If you clicked because you are inspired to tip me for my efforts, I’ll accept it with sincere appreciation and gratitude.

I also happily accept comments on posts and word-of-mouth advertising. If you know someone who loves to read, I’d love for you to tell them about me!

I started bookthrasher last July and as the one-year mark approaches I’ve been reflecting. I created the blog with the intention of connecting with readers and sharing my lifelong passion for books and reading. But yes, in the back of my mind, I hoped it might eventually turn into a side-gig with an income stream.

This is my third round of writing book reviews. My first real job out of college was working for a real estate entrepreneur. He was an avid reader and he started a program for employees – if we read and reviewed one of his many books, he’d pay us $25. He had a lot of books and I wrote a lot of reviews. So many that he eventually revised the terms to limit how many we could do because I was cleaning up 🙂

In 2016 I decided I wanted to begin again. I wrote one and cold-called the editor of a local business magazine. Incredibly she said yes! And so I embarked on a two-year stint reviewing books for Business in Greater Gainesville. It was fun and an excellent learning experience, but then I tired of deadlines and reading books I wasn’t particularly interested in.

Now my blog is my home for books and reviews. I’m looking forward to what’s next and I’m glad you’re coming along for the ride. Thank you.

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