Hatemonger in Chief

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Stephen Miller. And a vote for Stephen Miller is a vote for that guy in high school and college who would dump his garbage next to the trash can and refuse to pick it up because ‘that’s what the janitors get paid to do.’ Oink.

Stephen Miller, senior advisor to President Trump, is the architect of Trump’s immigration policy. He came up with Make America Great Again. And his actions and words prove that he is actively advancing a white nationalist agenda from the West Wing of the People’s House.

Hatemonger, by Jean Guerrero, is more than a biography it’s a warning. Bottom line, read this book and then tell some people about it. And then vote!

Ms. Guerrero’s research skills are impressive, and it’s not just the volume and variety of sources, it’s the way she synthesizes them for us. It’s a compelling read that’ll leave you filled with dread, sure, but also armed with knowledge and fired up to vote for change.

This story of Mr. Miller’s life unfolds not unlike a good horror film: from the start you can tell something is off but it’s not terrifying. Yet. Halfway through Hatemonger we enter the Trump era and that’s when the dread starts to build. Miller’s joining the campaign was a pivotal moment in our history. In hindsight, when you see example after example, it’s so clear: the initial swipe against Mexicans, then the Muslim travel ban, the wall, the separation of families… all Miller’s doing.

He wraps his white supremacist beliefs up so they’re hiding in plain sight, and he’s a master at twisting ideas to his favor. But don’t be fooled. If you have any doubt please read this book and open your eyes to facts, dates, timelines and our current living history.

Stephen Miller is one of the last original Trump staff still standing. Think about that. After all the resignations and firings and comings and goings, he’s still there. Who does that? What kind of person survives the Trump administration?

Hatemonger lays out the path Stephen Miller took from Los Angeles to the White House. I’m sure he wants his boss to win again. But what comes next? One of his mentors, Larry Elder (a conservative talk show host in LA), said he hopes he lives to see the day when Miller becomes president.

Stranger things have happened.

Ms. Guerrero did the legwork for us, now we have to act on it. Let’s choose a different future. We were warned.


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