I’m in the middle of Karin Slaughter’s latest, The Silent Wife.

It’s a Will Trent novel. If you read In the Woods by Tana French, and if you loved Rob Ryan you will love Will Trent.

I think this is probably her best work: it’s seamless, funny, brutally graphic, wise. She writes / creates dialog so sharp and true it’s like a poke in the gut. You pause and breathe and savor the bite.

She writes mysteries / thrillers / hard to pin down books. Some series, but some standalone. I’ve read every one.

Okay, gotta go get back to the story 🙂

To be continued…

I’m back. Wow. Karin Slaughter is definitely at the top of her game. Her last several books have been fantastic, and led her to a much wider audience. Pieces of Her is coming to Netflix soon! With Toni Collette!!!

But back to The Silent Wife. It’s a crossroads kind of story, with alternating chapters from present day and several years prior. Paths connect and worlds collide. Dr. Sara Linton and Agent Will Trent are back, still in love but still working through their troubled pasts. Sara’s dead ex-husband, the lying, cheating love of her life is back – in the flashback chapters as well as in the minds of present-day lovers.

They are on the hunt for a possible serial killer and may end up tarnishing the legacy of Sara’s ex – the former police chief of Grant County, GA, her hometown.

You don’t have to have read all of the Grant County or Will Trent novels to know what’s going on, everything is explained. The story is gripping and the details are graphic and realistic. But the people, the characters – they’re what set Slaughter apart.

Case in point is Faith, Will’s partner at the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation). She’s a disgruntled, weary single mom. A former teen mom. She’s also an ace detective and loyal friend. Even in the dark parts, Faith shines. Read this book just for Faith!

If you like mysteries, love stories, graphic crime / police procedurals; if you like feminist, intelligent authors; if you like banter; if you don’t mind a little (okay a lot) of blood and guts, you just might like The Silent Wife.


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