Halloween ABC

Halloween ABC is a children’s book, but I’d say that all ages would enjoy the dark, spooky, sinister fun. Why am I reading a children’s book? It all started with a bookmark…

Let me explain. I collect bookmarks! My dad started it for me when I was a kid, and we’ve kept it up ever since. I choose a different bookmark for every book I read so they don’t just sit in a box. What, you don’t do this?!

Anyway, I’ve always loved this one – the poem and the picture. I looked Merriam up recently and found out she was a fantastically interesting person! She was a poet and author and her book, The Inner City Mother Goose, was described as one of the most banned books of its time. So naturally I’m adding it to my list 🙂

Merriam’s Halloween ABC has a poem and picture for each letter in the alphabet. They’re delightfully clever, creepy and violent. Here’s the one for the letter I:

An icy stabbing so swiftly done,
The victim scarcely felt it.
The police are baffled:
"Where's the weapon?"
The sun shines down to melt it.

If you have any strange, unnerving little children in your life they will probably love this! haha

Happy Halloween!


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