The Amazon Option

December 19, 2021 update:

I’m out of the Amazon business. Well, I was never really in it. No sales.

It’s all good, I was hesitant to begin with. Buy Local!

Below is my original post from May 31st.


The Amazon Option…That sounds like the title of a thriller, doesn’t it?

But no, this isn’t a review, it’s an announcement.

Guess what, I’m approaching my one year blog anniversary in July! If you’re reading this, thank you. And please stay tuned for info on bookthrasher t-shirts! 🙂

First time here? Hooray! Hope you browse a while and find something interesting.

Regular reader? I’m so grateful for you.

So, back to the announcement: I signed up to be able to link to Amazon on my blog. If anyone clicks and buys I receive a percentage. I’m not sure what it is yet… In fact, it’s not officially official yet – only after three “qualified” purchases do they even take a look and (hopefully) approve. I get 180 days to get the three, which is a long time. My goal is to get evaluated within 30 days.

I consider this an experiment and I’ll be appreciative and grateful for any support that comes from it.

Thanks again!

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