I finished this book two months ago and have been trying to write a review ever since. But I’ve been distracted, unfocused, uninterested. With reading, too, unfortunately. I’ve been listening to audiobooks of the Joe Pickett series (literally back to back, like a chain smoker) but haven’t read a physical book in a while. I even returned Karin Slaughter’s newest to the library unread. I said she was “at the top of her game” with her last book but I just never felt like cracking the spine.

It’s getting better, though. I have a charming book called Evie Drake Starts Over lined up for the weekend.

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.

Frank Sinatra’s version is the best version of this song

Let’s talk flying. Are you a fan? If not, please know that the authentic thriller, Falling, might be too realistic for you. If you’re like me and really don’t care to be up in the air, it could reinforce your fears and apprehensions. It’s evident that the author is a seasoned flight attendant – T.J. Newman’s book is chock full of real life tidbits and behind the scenes peeks into planes and modern aviation. Some things you might not want to know!

Falling was all over the place earlier this year; I heard about it on NPR and then saw multiple articles about Newman and her breakout first novel (which has been optioned for a movie). It’s a cool story and I’m happy for her. The set-up of the novel is simple: terrorists take the pilot’s family hostage and he is told he must crash his plane or his family will be killed.

The stars of the book are the three flight attendants on the fated flight and the pilot, Bill Hoffman. He’s precisely what you want an airline pilot to be: strong, confident, loyal, and serious. Have you ever heard the one about pilots, surgeons and pitchers? They all think they’re God. Good thing because it’s going to take a miracle for Bill to avoid disaster.

I think Falling lives up to the hype. A better than average thriller with killer pacing and believable storylines. I’m definitely interested in what Newman does next. I think the confidence, common sense and responsible nature that make her a good flight attendant comes through in her writing. .

Falling is a page-turner and a fun diversion. But would you dare to read it on a flight?

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