Mindful Thoughts at Home

I loved this little book. It’s smaller than a paperback, easy to read, a delight to look at, and guaranteed to have a positive influence on you and your home. Author Kate Peers can help anyone tune into their surroundings and create a home that supports, calms, and restores all who live in it (pets included.)

Home has taken on new meaning since the pandemic arrived. More time at home and work from home has been the impetus for many to rethink their spaces. Have you done any of these things since March 2020? De-cluttering, organizing, rearranging; adding on or remodeling, building a deck, putting in a garden or an outside kitchen. To me it all adds up to making home as cozy as possible.

Even if your place isn’t exactly what you want or envision, it’s still home. And there are ways to not only tweak things physically, but also ways to tweak yourself and your perspective. Both can result in a happier and more satisfied you.

Each short chapter in this book can be taken as a meditation. You can read it straight through or flip until you land on something that speaks to you. It might be a chapter title or an illustration – the cover is the first thing to draw the reader in with its homey scene complete with cat, dog, plants and a fireplace. All the drawings are warm and cozy with a serene color scheme and they pair nicely with the text.

Mindful Thoughts at Home has 25 chapters with titles like:

  • making time for solitude
  • colour
  • slow down with spring
  • time for nothing
  • creativity at home
  • bring beauty into your space

Do you practice mindfulness? For me, being mindful is focusing on one thing at a time and getting lost in the activity. Mindful meditation is focusing on my breathing and gently turning away from interrupting thoughts. Peers talks about mindful awareness as something that helps you become more alert to how to please as many of your senses as possible. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here’s an example: your morning coffee or tea is an early chance to be mindful: hear it brew and listen as the liquid hits your mug; see the deep color, inhale the aroma, feel the warmth of the mug against your hands, taste the goodness. A perfect moment. Make it your goal to have as many of these as possible every day.

This is the gentle guide we need right now.

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