Published by Alex Johnson in 2012, bookshelf is a small, square ode to bookshelves and book-centric interior design. Hardly any of the featured bookshelves are traditional. Instead they’re mostly off-kilter, deconstructed, hanging, curved, abstract, and above all, imaginative.

The shelf designers featured by Johnson are clever and inventive. There’s lots of ladder-type shelves, cubes, honeycombs, ones that roll (I love the “Moving Mondrian”) and a very cool piece that has a built-in clock. There’s even a couple of chair / bookcases just in case you want to be ensconced in books while you read a book.

Two favorites are MYDNA which has a double-helix design that’s so pleasant to look at, and a Pac-Man-style shelf that makes me smile.

“Slip Shelf” is another favorite: picture a tall, thin, red bookshelf where the bottom part doesn’t end flush against the floor, it goes on to curve out, like it slipped or melted. The bottom “shelf” is upright and a perfect place to store magazines.

Does this look like what you imagined?

Bookshelf is a treat for book lovers and design lovers alike. An added bonus is the list of further reading the author supplies, which includes other books, essays, articles, and resources.

Want more? Me too! Luckily Johnson has a blog called on the bookshelf and he’s written several more books. Check it all out here

Finally, here’s an article from when bookshelf came out 10 years ago.

Books make great gifts and this gem would charm any bibliophile on your list.

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