vintage books

I think there are two kinds of people in this world: those who stop in their tracks at the words ‘vintage books’ and those who barely notice them.

If you love physical books, especially those with some mileage on them, you may want to check out my Etsy shop! I’m adding more titles all the time and it’s an eclectic mix of “vintage” titles.

It’s funny to me that according to Etsy anything over 20 years old is vintage 🙂 Some of my listed books are from the 1990s and some go back 100 years.

I inherited most of these from my father. He had a collection that we’ve been slowly going through. Some I keep, some I donate, some I’m starting to sell. Maybe there’s one here for you or for a friend – because books make great gifts!

Here ‘s the link to my shop where you’ll also find bookthrasher t-shirts and stickers:

Thanks for reading and browsing!

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